Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Natural flowers encapsulated in 925 silver framed resin (sterling Silver) Natural flowers pendant



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I special giftsaid special giftof special giftnatural special giftflowers special giftencapsulated special giftin special giftresin special giftthat special giftwill special giftkeep special giftthem special giftalways special giftalive, special giftframed special giftin special gift925 special giftsilverTamano special giftSize special giftcharm special gift- special giftslopeL special gift30 special giftmm special giftx special giftW30 special giftmm special giftH special gift4 special giftmmSize special giftchain18"All special giftmy special giftjewelry special giftis special giftconveniently special giftpacked special giftto special giftprotect special giftthem special giftin special giftthe special giftshipment special giftand special giftin special gifta special giftgift-ready special giftcase.

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